Return equipment

We need to get all clicker equipment back (receivers and clicker boxes) at the end of each semester to prepare the loans for the following semester.

If you would like to extend your clicker loan to an additional semester, please contact Ludovic Bonivento.

How to return your equipment?

  • You can send it by internal mail (please check that the envelope is very firmly sealed to avoid any accidental loss):
            EPFL E-DAF CAPE
            Ludovic Bonivento
            Station 16
  • You can bring it to the BP 1137 office, please contact us to ensure that someone is present to take delivery of your equipment.
  • We can come and pick it up at your office, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Tell your students

If your students have borrowed clickers from the Library, we kindly ask you to send them an email requesting that they return their clicker to the Library before the end of the exam session.