The TurningPoint Software


The TurningPoint software is available both for PC and for Mac. However, please note that there are significant differences between the two versions in terms of user interface. Documents created with one version are not compatible with the other.

Please check the system requirements to make sure that your computer is compatible:
For PC
For Mac


Download and installation

Please contact us, we will give you instructions to install and download the appropriate version of TurningPoint depending on your configuration.


How to create questions and start polling?

TurningPoint allows you to poll questions either from PowerPoint or from another presentation application (PDF, KeyNote, etc).

1. Launch the TurningPoint software

You will see the main screen (called “dashboard”) as shown by the picture below.

TurnintPoint 5.3 Main Screen

2. Connect your receiver and/or your ResponseWare account

Plug your receiver in a USB port and/or log on your ResponseWare account.
Check that your receiver is correctly set up or that you are connected to ResponseWare (a session must have been created).

3. PowerPoint or not?

Choose by clicking on the dashboard:

  • PowerPoint polling: this will launch PowerPoint with an additional tool bar allowing you to create questions and to start polls;
  • Anywhere polling: this will start a standalone polling window that you can use on top of your presentation application.
    To create questions, use the “Content” tab of the main screen.

We suggest you to test both the PowerPoint polling and the Anywhere polling in order to choose the solution that best fits your needs.
You will find information on how to use each solution in the documents in the section below.

Be sure to read the TurnintPoint 8 Quick Start Guides:
click here


Resources and documents

For more information, please read the following documents: