ResponseWare (smartphone clickers)


Collecting smartphone votes requires internet access both for your computer and for the smartphones of your students. Please check that your classroom is equiped with a wifi network (see here for a more detailed specification). If necessary, contact the network services of the DIT.

It is important that the internet connection on your computer be as stable as possible to avoid loosing internet access in the middle of your session. Connecting your own computer through a network cable is the most recommended solution, if it is possible in the room you use.

You need a ResponseWare account to access the EPFL shared licence that allows you to receive smartphone votes.

Please contact Ludovic Bonivento to get your ResponseWare account.

Some smartphones and some browsers are not supported, please check the technical requirements (in the Specs tab) and inform your students.

How to set up?

First ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.

In the TurningPoint software, use the link at the top right corner of the main screen to start a ResponseWare session.

TurningPoint ResponseWare connect dialog

Choose the parameters of the session depending on your needs (you can find detailed information on those parameters in the TurningPoint user guides).

Login in will generate a session ID. This session ID will show up in the top right corner of the TurningPoint main screen as long as you are connected.

TurningPoint ResponseWare connected


You have to provide the session ID that has been generated to your students so that they can vote. They can use their smartphone or any other internet enabled device and either:


Information for your students

Information on how to use a smartphone to vote is available here.

You can find instructions to give to your students so that they set up their device here.