Receiver & clicker boxes (hardware clickers)


Your computer must have a USB port to plug in the receiver (see one of the two existing models below) that you need to collect clicker votes.


A receiver can be loaned to you for the whole semester or for specific dates depending on your needs. To get a receiver, please contact Ludovic Bonivento.

How to set up?

Plug the receiver in a USB port. In the TurningPoint software, check in the top left corner of the main screen that the receiver is detected, as shown below: the receiver icon is colored and there is a number below.

TurningPoint receiver connected

Receiver and clickers exchange data through a common “channel”. By default, the channel is automatically set to 41. The Receiver Channel Number appears just under the receiver icon.

Note: when used within 100 meters of another receiver, each receiver needs to be set on its own channel to avoid interference. If this is the case, click the Receiver channel number and select an alternate channel from the drop-down menu as shown below. You will have then to inform your students of the new channel so that they can set their clickers to the same channel.

TurnintPoint receiver channel change dialog

When you borrow a receiver, we also loan you one or two clickers so that you can test your receiver.

Information for your students

Information on how to use a clicker box is available here.

You can find instructions to give to your students so that they get equipped here.