Teaching with clickers

Why use clickers ?

Clickers can:

  • Increase interactivity and participation in class, and therefore improve students’ attendance;
  • Make students more active during lectures;
  • Allow students to get feedback on their learning;
  • And allow you to get feedback on your teaching.


The benefit of clickers is maximised for lectures with a large audience.
Other strategies can also be used as a complement to (or instead of) clickers to make students active in the classroom.

How to get started?

This website provides you with both technical information and pedagogical advice to help you prepare yourself to use clickers in your teaching.

Follow the steps:

Processus général clickers Equipment Preparation Students Teach Return

  1. Get the equipment;
  2. Design your clicker based course;
  3. Inform your students;
  4. Teach with clickers;
  5. Return your equipment.

When to get started?

If you are interested in using clickers in your lectures, we recommend to start preparing yourself at least one month before the beginning of your course.