Using a clicker box in class

Entering a Response

  • Press the desired letter(s)/number(s).
  • Green light confirms that your response was received.
  • Red light indicates that your response was not received.
  • Flashing red light indicates that your clicker is on the wrong channel or that your instructor did not open the poll.

Changing your Response

If the poll is still open, you can modify your response by pressing a new letter/number. Only the final response you enter will be recorded.

Changing the channel

You should only change your channel from the default setting if your instructor tells you to do so and gives you a new channel code. The default chanel is 41.

  1. Press “Channel.”
  2. Enter the two digit channel number.
  3. Press “Channel” again. The light will turn green to confirm the change.

User Guide for clicker boxes


Clicker not working?

Visit the nearest Poseidon HelpDesk (Rolex or MA A0 388) for technical help.