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3 raisons de faire voter les étudiants pendant les cours!, Ariane Dumont

Clickers on Derek Bruff’s Blog on Teaching and Technology

Tips for Successful « Clicker » Use, Douglas Duncan, University of Colorado

Writing effective clicker questions, Instructional Services of the University of Iowa

Teaching with clickers, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching of the University of Michigan

The 3 best times to ask your students questions, Christopher Machielse

1 seconde pour répondre au prof!, Ariane Dumont

Sites d’autres universités sur les clickers

Teaching with personal response systems (« Clickers ») @ Harvard

Classroom Response Systems (« Clickers ») @ Vanderbilt University

Clickers Community of Practice @ Georgetown University

Teaching with clickers : Types of Activities @ University of Michigan

Teaching with clickers @ University of Iowa

Clicker Resources, Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative @ University of British Columbia


Enhancing Student Learning in a Graduate Research and Statistics Course with Clickers, Lydia Kyei-Blankson (2009)

Clickers in Upper Division Courses, Stephanie Chasteen, Kathy Perkins, Steve Pollock, & Mike Dubson (Physics, CU), AAPT Winter Meeting, Chicago (February 2009)

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